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15 things that productive people do differently

I found this picture on, somebody had shared this picture and one of my friends liked it on Linkedin. No matter which list you refer to – 7 habits of highly successful people or this one or any other list on successful people, achievers or productive people, there are several basic themes on the list that remain same.

You may like a To-Do list, others may not. You may like to use a notebook to jot down but other may like use a mobile app for the same activity. Whichever tasks work for you, don’t forget the physical and mental health. Don’t forget to take a break and unplug yourself from daily routine for some time, clear the clutter in your mind. The summary of all the list is that in order to be productive, efficient and effective and to chase success and achieve your goals you have to be focused, healthy, consistent and be able to prioritize work, family and friends and distractions.


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