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What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is nothing but a network of physical devices connected to each other on a computer based network. The devices here could be anything like a refrigerator, door look, microwave, lights, fitness bands, phones …just about anything you can imagine. The devices have software, sensors, actuators and microcontroller embedded in them which helps these devices to connect to a computer based network system. Using the sensors, microcontroller and the software the performance and behavior of these devices can be controlled remotely through a computer or mobile phone. The sensors in the devices help to record various data points, the microcontrollers can be programmed to take specific actions based on the data recorded – the data can also be sent to a cloud server for storage depending on the application on the device. IoT devices have application in wide range of areas, nowadays they are everywhere from manufacturing, healthcare, pollution monitoring to flood and environment monitoring to agriculture, animal husbandry to home and more.

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