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The Wall – a small tribute to Rahul Dravid

he is adored by millions for his class,
he is known to millions for his achievements,
he is respected by millions for his commitment,
he is loved by millions for his love to the game,

England to Aussies, West Indians to Proteas,
Kiwis to Pakistanis, Bangladeshis to Lankans,
they all take pride in taking his wicket,
because they know to win againt India that’s the big ticket,

he is the superhero of the our team,
plays for the team not for him,
his career should be part of education,
students can learn from him what is dedication,

he can defend, drive and hook,
master of every shot available in a book,
he has safest pair of hands and don’t miss many,
he is the one who holds the fort and give hope to many,

worship the lord who has conquered all,
he is the greatest and always stand tall,
he is not the one who will not let you fall,
we all affectionately call him The Wall.

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