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10 things about me

Finally it’s here. Top 10 things about me (in no particular order)
1. I love playing Cricket and Squash. Rajasthan Royals and India are my Favorite teams and I am die hard Rahul Dravid fan. really hate when people say “You look like Yaseer Hamid (Pakistani batsman)”.
2. I love listening to Rock, Sufi, Gazal, Bollywood songs and new found love Trance.These days I am trying to create my own music tracks. I don’t know how far can I go with this.
3. I love Scotch, Bourbon and Rum and above the all Beer. I wish I can work as taster in a brewery.
4. I can cook though mostly Indian food. I really like cooking. By the way I cannot resist Butter Chicken, Rajma Chawal, Daal bati, tandoori chicken.
5. I am involved in community services.
6. You can trust me.
7. I am hard working…only for what I am interested in 🙂
8. Not many people know about this but I can draw and paint.
9. I want to be an Entrepreneur.
10. I love riding bike but really scared of performing stunts on it.

If you didn’t knew any of above about me, then see I gave you reason to interact with me and know me better.

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